In a nutshell:
26 | ENFJ | Foodie | Self-proclaimed artist | Content Creator | Collects pigs and shoes | Photographer | Sorority Girl | Pizza | Cheese | More cheese | Dog parent

Hire me for:
Content creation | Social media strategy | Account management | Project management | Graphic design | Magazine/Newsletter Layout | Video production | Copywriting | Digital strategy | Doodles | News and feature articles | Editing

The longer description:
Hi! I’m Regina, a 26-year old blogger from the Philippines. I started blogging in 2005 but quit when I started college in 2007. The thing is, writing is my first love, so I decided to blog again, hence, this blog. My other loves include photography and social media analytics.

By day, I work as a communication officer. I write, product videos, manage social media accounts, and organize trade fairs/exhibits. By night, I am a freelance content creator.

Since I product content for different people, I thought I should also focus on content that I should publish. But since 24 hours a day is not enough for me, the gap between my posts will probably always be there. I don’t want my blog posts to seem forced, so I only write for myself when I am inspired.

I am a hoarder–I collect shot glasses and school/office supplies. I also have passion projects piled up so I hope to have time to start taking them on.

I like reading other people’s blogs as well, so I do hope to know you better. 🙂 ■

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