7 problems communication majors have when it comes to math

7 problems communication majors have when it comes to math

Most communication majors have no patience for math–I certainly don’t. It was only in 5th grade when I really enjoyed math, and it was only because I understood it (thanks to the best math teacher ever). Anyway, now that I’m in grad school and I have subjects like accounting, financial management, and quantitative methods in business, my feud with math has started all over again. I rounded up this list that some of you may be able to relate to:

1. When you understand the word problems, but you don’t know how to compute for the answer.


giphy (1)
Or not.

“I know what is being asked for, but how do you compute for it?” Then you have classmates who are accounting majors–they KNOW all the formulas, but they don’t understand the context of the problem. Can we be groupmates please?

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Getting a US Visa: Bloopers and Tips

Getting a US Visa: Bloopers and Tips

My sister and I just got approved last Monday–and we received our visas Wednesday (just two days after the interview)!

I decided to share with you what we went through so that we could be of help because the journey wasn’t that smooth. To guide you in applying for a US visa, everything you need is in this link. I read that everyday to ensure that I didn’t make any mistake.

But I still made some bloopers. So don’t fret. It’s best to be ready, to double check everything. The lesson I learned is this: that no matter how ready I sometimes think I am, I still get hit in the face by something I never thought of.
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Life outside a crate

Life outside a crate

As many of you know, I am a mom to a wonderful beagle named Snoopy, who is now 1 1/2 year old. Life with Snoopy didn’t start out easy–potty training, chewing stuff up, and the infamous beagle bolts and the energy! But now, we have reached harmony. We have a routine we have been following since the day he arrived and dogs, as you know, live for routine.


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An open letter to the 20-something non-voter

I have nothing against you. In fact, I am even really close friends with some of you.

I love your political views, and your opinions on national issues. I follow a lot of you on social media and I have discussed with you from time to time. I am impressed with how you view things. I am amazed of how much you want our country to be free from the corruption and the traditional politicians. I think to myself, if only there were more people like you.

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