Compilation #foodporn post: Burgers

Sometimes when I eat out, I’m not able to take a photo of each item we order. Other times, I’m alone. As a result, I tend to have only a few photos of each resto. Browsing through my album, I notice a common food item that has remained timeless over the years. Friends, let’s all welcome one of the best food creations ever–the Burger.

Here are some of the amazing burgers I’ve had during the past year.

1. Holland Tulips Cafe (Los Baños, Laguna)

Beef and mushroom burger

Holland Tulips Cafe is a hidden haven for people who enjoy food and love to relax. You can spend a whole afternoon there curled up with a book while sipping coffee or tea. Their menu is very diverse and sorts of lacks a central theme–they have Italian, Thai, and Pinoy food among others.

2. Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse (Marikina and BGC)

Triple Death Burger (PhP 280.00 before, now PhP 300.00)

Fat Daddy’s is owned by our dad’s friend so when they opened, we went there at once. Their first branch is in Marikina, but they now have another branch in BGC. Fat Daddy’s is for those who want to indulge in meaty and greasy goodness. Being a burger fanatic, I knew I had to try this heart-stopping one. Here’s what’s inside this burger:

  • Double quarter pounder pattiees
  • lettuce
  • cheese
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • pulled pork
  • smoked bacon

For only PhP 280.00, it was worth it.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (PhP 190.00)

This is what my sister ordered. The big sandwich is described as “barbecue pulled pork served in a brioche bun topped with coleslaw and pickles.” It was too much for one person, but it tasted awesome. 🙂

3. Beeffalo (Marikina)

Beeffalo Burger (PhP 225.00)

This burger is perfect for a snack and if you’re not that hungry. It’s not heavy, but it’s tasty. I basically ordered it because the menu said it had bacon and cheese. I also wrote a blog entry on Beeffalo.
4. Burn Out Burger (Los Baños, Laguna)

If you’re looking for something different, try this out–black buns! Although the place is named “Burn Out Burger,” these buns are not black because they’re burnt. The black buns are made from cocoa, according to the cashier, but they taste like regular buns anyway. They also have burgers with regular buns for people who are not comfortable with black ones.

Now, Burn Out Burger is a special place because you can already enjoy a quarter pounder with only PhP 50.00. No kidding.

Anyway, Mark ordered “Wild ‘Em Out.”

Wild ‘Em Out (PhP 135.00)

Wild ‘Em Out is described to be “made for the hungry” with not one, not two, but THREE 100% pure beef patties, ham, bacon slices, 2 slices of cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, mayo, honey mustard, ketchup, and melted cheese on top of them all. It’s as if they wanted to cram all your favorites in one burger. Best part–it only costs PhP 135.00!

Their patties are not very impressive at first glance especially if you like thick ones, but you’ll enjoy the burgers.

Double Down (PhP 87.00)

Here’s something if you don’t want to eat black buns. For only PhP 87.00 you get TWO 100% pure beef patties, 2 slices of cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, mayo, honey mustard, ketchup, and melted cheese.

5. 8 Cuts Burger Blends

And if all else fails and you want to make your own burger with premium ingredients, a trip to 8 Cuts is worth it. You can choose any burger from the menu, or be your own boss–choose everything from the bun to the patty to the sauce and to the toppings.

I personally always add bacon strips, jalapeños, and at least three kinds of cheese–because cheese is life.

That bacon though.
Messy burgers, just the way I like them.

Their skinny fries are also great, so make sure you order some as well.
These are just some of the few unforgettable burgers I’ve had the past year, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too. Burgers are also best eaten with your hands, remember that. 😉

Do you know of any other good burger joints? Drop me a comment.

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