Ode to Joe

03 March 2018, Los Baños, Laguna–When I saw this handwritten note outside the all too familiar door of Joe’s, my heart sank. It was a goodbye that meant a lot–maybe too much. Because for me, and for a lot of elbi people, Joe’s was a restaurant that held too many memories.


For most, it was the restaurant you brought someone you were serious with. At that time, Joe’s was perhaps the most expensive restaurant in Los Baños, but no one complained because the food was exemplary. Back when there weren’t too many food stops and restaurants in elbi, Joe’s was always the top choice for dates, special occasions, or a major catching up session with a good friend you haven’t seen in a while.

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Infusion Gourmet Cafe & Deli: for the health conscious foodies

Infusion Gourmet Cafe & Deli: for the health conscious foodies

Infusion Gourmet Cafe & Deli is located at Dancel’s Dormitory, F.O. Santos Street, Umali Subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna. It’s a small, intimate, and cozy restaurant that serves healthy and delicious food. The ambience of the place is really something–it will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while waiting for your order. It makes for a nice escape from the usual fast food restaurants.

Here are some of the dishes we have already tried. All are tasty, healthy, and just the right amount. Rice meals come with your choice of red rice or white rice.

Grilled turmeric chicken (PhP 130.00)

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Compilation #foodporn post: Burgers

Compilation #foodporn post: Burgers

Sometimes when I eat out, I’m not able to take a photo of each item we order. Other times, I’m alone. As a result, I tend to have only a few photos of each resto. Browsing through my album, I notice a common food item that has remained timeless over the years. Friends, let’s all welcome one of the best food creations ever–the Burger.

Here are some of the amazing burgers I’ve had during the past year.

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Exploring Marikina: Dirty Harry’s Diner

Exploring Marikina: Dirty Harry’s Diner

As Marikina is continuously becoming more and more popular because of the many food havens, it is my family’s duty to explore the city we live in. Lilac Street is the most famous as a street for foodies, but we recently tried a restaurant in a lesser known street in Marikina.

Dirty Harry’s was discovered by my father via their Facebook page, so we immediately made plans for the weekend. Our whole family, sans Jayjay, went to Dirty Harry’s for a Saturday dinner.

Located at the 2nd floor of the Village Lifestyle building along Panorama street corner Vision street, Dirty Harry’s looks simple and inconspicuous.

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Exploring Marikina: Beeffalo

Exploring Marikina: Beeffalo

Another Marikina gem: Beeffalo is a cozy restaurant near our house in Marikina. We have only eaten here twice, the first time being Papa’s birthday. This post is a compilation of the food we have ordered both times.

Beeffalo is very welcoming because it looks like a house with a yard. There are also indoor and outdoor seats. They serve an assortment of steak, pasta, and rice meals. Let’s run through their food, starting with their appetizers.

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