Exploring Marikina: Beeffalo

Another Marikina gem: Beeffalo is a cozy restaurant near our house in Marikina. We have only eaten here twice, the first time being Papa’s birthday. This post is a compilation of the food we have ordered both times.

Beeffalo is very welcoming because it looks like a house with a yard. There are also indoor and outdoor seats. They serve an assortment of steak, pasta, and rice meals. Let’s run through their food, starting with their appetizers.

Onion rings (PhP 155)

We ordered onion rings both times we were there because we loved how crunchy they were. We were also glad that they were not oily at all. For PhP 155 though, I personally think they could have made the serving larger.

Beeffalo Wings (PhP 195)

Wings were all right. They were not the best, but they were tasty and enjoyable to eat. The mini-salad that came with it was also refreshing.

We ordered pasta. One of them (I forgot which one) was too salty for our taste, so we informed the management right away. They were very nice to replace it with another pasta dish.

Three-cheese Biscuit Pizza (PhP 135)

Their biscuit pizza comes in four variants: three-cheese, margherita, pepperoni, and garlic and mushroom. It is only about 8 inches in diameter and very light. Definitely not a main dish, but it tastes good. If you are a fan of thin crusted pizza, this will be a delight for you.

Beeffalo Burger (PhP 225)

I ordered the Beeffalo burger during our second visit because I am a fan of burgers, in general. Plus, the menu said it had bacon and cheese, and who can resist that? I founf the Beeffalo burger to be just right. It didn’t make me full. It’s perfect for a snack, but if you’re really hungry and excited to eat a heavy meal, you’d be better off ordering one of their rice meals or steak meals.

We also ordered pork liempo with java rice (PhP 195), pork bbq with java rice (PhP 145), and the cheesy chops with buttered pasta (PhP 240.00)

Pork Liempo with Java Rice (PhP 195)
Pork BBQ with Java Rice (PhP 145)
Cheesy chops with buttered pasta (PhP 240)

The cheesy chops were heaven, especially for a cheese lover like me. I deleted the video of the porkchop being sliced open. As you slice it open, mozzarella cheese comes oozing out as you also see the ham inside. This meal is very heavy. The buttered pasta was also a pleasant surprise because it was my first time eating pasta without sauce.

And because it was Papa’s birthday when we ate there, we were able to get a free steak as long as I post something on Instagram and tag them.

T-Bone steak, for free!

The verdict:

In a nutshell:
Beeffalo is a nice restaurant and is highly recommended. However, there are some instances wherein their cooking is inconsistent and service is slow. To make up for this, Beeffalo has really nice staff and management.
Prices of some meals are expensive, but others are affordable.
Will we come back? Definitely, to try the other food, especially the steaks. Third times the charm after all.

Must-tries: Biscuit pizza, cheesy chops, and onion rings.



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