An open letter to the 20-something non-voter

I have nothing against you. In fact, I am even really close friends with some of you.

I love your political views, and your opinions on national issues. I follow a lot of you on social media and I have discussed with you from time to time. I am impressed with how you view things. I am amazed of how much you want our country to be free from the corruption and the traditional politicians. I think to myself, if only there were more people like you.

Or rather, if only there were more voters like you.

I know that you know that one of the main problems of our country lies in the voters themselves, and how majority of voters come from the rural areas so they don’t have easy access to news and issues. I know you know the dirty tactics our politicians do.

I know that you know how to choose leaders based on qualifications, based on standards.

I know that you will not vote for someone just because she is the daughter of a loved celebrity.

I know that you will not vote for someone who is corrupt, and whose heart may be as black as his skin.

I know you will not vote for an incompetent candidate.

I know you will not vote for someone who, aside from bearing a controversial last name, also believes that his family does not owe apologies to the many victims of Martial Law.

I know you care about our country. I know you are doing your part to save our country. But I do not know and I do not understand why you will not vote.

I know that if more people like you are voters, we will have a leader who will save us, who will lead us to success.

I respect your decision but I still wish you will vote. But more than anything else, I want to understand why you choose not to vote.

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