Quality stuff for our Snoop

I can’t really compare, but people say that having a dog is like having a baby. And when you have a baby, you obviously want the best for them. Same with us, we want only the best products and accessories to ensure that our Snoopdog (Snoopy or Snoop in short) is taken care of the best way we can.

I will be writing about the accessories we have handpicked for Snoop, which will hopefully help furparents and future furparents who are still looking. 🙂


Based on research, we wanted to purchase a leather collar, but it is so darn hard to find. Of all the pet stores we visited, the only leather collars we found were at Pet Central, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. There are collars for small, medium, and large breeds, and in different colors too. We bought a medium sized one for Snoop, and he has been using it for the past two months already. It cost around PhP 500.00.

Once Snoop has reached his full size though, we might opt for a red Ezydog collar to match our Ezydog Vario-4 leash. Plus, it looks pretty cool and has a lot of great reviews. Some say their collar lasted for 8 years!

Photo from ezydog.ph



We just bought a generic one the instant we got him, because we haven’t found a six-foot leather leash yet. According to our research, that’s the ideal length of a leash. However, most pet stores only carry leashes up to 4 feet.

We finally found leashes measuring 6 feet at Hobbes and Landes at Bonifacio High Street, but we didn’t feel as confident with the material. However, it was a good thing that Dogs and the City at Burgos Circle, BGC sells Ezydog products! We were able to judge the products ourselves. We almost bought an Ezydog Vario-4 multi-function leash there, but they didn’t have a red one available, so we ordered online instead.

Photo from ezydog.ph

The Ezydog Vario-4 leash costs PhP 1200, shipping included! It is everything we looked for in a leash—and more! Literally more as it has four functions: It can be a 185cm training leash, a 72cm traffic leash, a 100 cm traffic leash, and an emergency check collar.

Photo from ezydog.ph

We ordered it on a Sunday, and we received it on a Wednesday! The Ezydog Facebook page is also very responsive. Here are some close up photos of the leash.

Dog tag

Hopefully, your puppy will never get lost. But for beagles, it is quite a tendency as they are hunting dogs and once they catch a scent of something interesting, they will not let it go. In case Snoopy gets lost or miraculously learns how to open our door by himself, people just need to read his dog tag to know where to return him.

Check out these awesome dog tags by Engravio.com. They offer lots of different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can also give your preferred font, or even a logo! We opted for a stainless steel bone-shaped tag with Snoopy’s name in the Groundnut font. My cellphone number is at the back. It looks amazing, and lots of people have been asking us where we bought it, so I’m sharing this here.



We also decided to buy a crate to help with our housebreaking. We decided this upon intense research and readings. The first crate we bought (PhP 2300.00) was too big for Snoop when he was only nine weeks old, so we put a divider. We read that if a crate is too big, he might use one side for potty breaks. You want a crate that is just enough for him to be able to sit, stand, stretch, and turn. Eventually, he will treat it as his den or home. When puppies are weaned properly, they know that they should not potty in their den.

Snoop grew up so fast that by the time he turned four months, he could not stretch in his crate anymore! We then decided to sell it to a friend, and we bought a bigger one with the dimensions 36x25x18 (inches). Now this crate is just right, and will most likely be enough until he grows to his full size. You can order one at ilovemypets.ph. We almost ordered from them because theirs was the lowest price out of all those we scouted, but we ended up buying from a local pet store here in Los Baños, which at that time, had only one left! Whew.



The playpen was the first thing we bought for him in the weeks leading up to his arrival. This is because I originally did not want to get a crate as I thought it was cruel. However, after doing research, we understood that crate training is not evil. Also, we made a few mistakes. During the first weeks, we were not that consistent, and we sometimes left him in the pen instead of the crate. So what happened was, he (maybe) thought the playpen was his den, and he would go inside the crate to potty! Of course we did not want that, so we adjusted accordingly.

Now, we use the pen for when he is eating, or if he needs some alone time. We originally wanted one that is only 2 feet, but the pet shop owner told us to “never underestimate a beagle.” At first, we thought 3 feet was too high, but now, I think it’s too short! Actual photo posted below behind Snoopy on his crate. It has 8 panels.

Snoopy at 10 weeks old.

This playpen cost about PhP 2000.00 and we bought it at the local pet store here. You can buy one of these online (Facebook, OLX, Lazada, etc.)

Photo from amazon.com


Snoop has a classic Kong which is only strictly used in the crate. It is for when he is left by himself, so he is not bored. We put biscuits and Pedigree dental stix in the Kong and it keeps him busy while we are gone. Kongs are made of quality rubber and will definitely make your puppy happy. Read the Kong story here.

Snoopy at 10 weeks old making our shoe rack his den.


Odor-removing Cleaners

A bit expensive, but Bearing cleaners does the job right. We found this to be super effective in cleaning up potty accidents during Snoop’s first two weeks with us. You can also make your own cleaners. These cleaners somehow erase the scent of their potty accidents, so the puppy will not repeat the accident there.


Whenever people see Snoop, one of the first things they mention is how shiny his fur is! To be honest, we never really noticed it was shiny, and we just started noticing it when people started to. Maybe it’s really natural for him and diet is also a BIG factor, but just in case you want to know, we are using Superdog soap (PhP 150) and Bearing shampoo (around PhP 200). We also brush his coat everyday and clean his ears twice a week.

When people see Snoopy, they ask what his dog food is because according to them, he looks healthy and shiny. Right now, he is on beef pro mixed with vitality. But we are on a continuous search for the best food for him. After much research and interviews, we are set to switch to Acana by January 2016, and I will update you on that.

That’s about the essential stuff. I will keep updating this blog with the new and great stuff we will be getting Snoop in the future. We are very excited to go on adventures with him!

Snoopy at 4 months and 2 weeks.
Tired from a morning walk.
Modeling the Ezydog Vario-4 Multi-function leash.


For aspiring furparents, remember that owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility.

They are living things, and they will depend on you. I just read this quote somewhere, but I agree with it 100%: “Never take a puppy home without educating yourself.”




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