Exploring Marikina: Dirty Harry’s Diner

As Marikina is continuously becoming more and more popular because of the many food havens, it is my family’s duty to explore the city we live in. Lilac Street is the most famous as a street for foodies, but we recently tried a restaurant in a lesser known street in Marikina.

Dirty Harry’s was discovered by my father via their Facebook page, so we immediately made plans for the weekend. Our whole family, sans Jayjay, went to Dirty Harry’s for a Saturday dinner.

Located at the 2nd floor of the Village Lifestyle building along Panorama street corner Vision street, Dirty Harry’s looks simple and inconspicuous.

The humble sign.

It’s not airconditioned, but it’s very clean and comfortable with hip wall decors. We were also very hungry that night as we hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so I wasn’t able to take photos of all the food 😦 Blogger fail, I know.

However, I really want to share this place to all foodies, because it deserves to be popular. Here’s what we ordered:

Nacho Mucho PhP 175.00

We ordered an appetizer right away because we really were so hungry. Good thing they served Nacho Mucho quickly! We were pleasantly surprised because of the toppings–most nachos in other restaurants just throw in pre-mixed salsa, with no beans. The nacho chips were also pretty tasty even without the sauce.

Here’s another look at the juicy and awesome sauce and toppings.

Look at that beef.

Next we ordered a pizza for sharing, because you can never have too much pizza right? Being an avid pizza fanatic, I almost always never leave a restaurant without trying their pizza.

El Jeff pizza for PhP 285.00

My take on Dirty Harry’s Pizza: AMAAAZING. At first glance, I didn’t appreciate the pineapples (no to pineapples on pizza!) but for the first time in my experience, the pineapples actually worked. Their thin crust was also baked just the right amount to get that crispy but not burnt taste.

El Jeff is described in the menu as “fresh made pizza dough with fresh marinara sauce with house made chorizo, bacon bits, sweet ham, bell pepper, onion, pineapples, and mozzarella cheese.”

Here’s a close up for food appreciation.


Next up: The Make My Day Burger! Chiara and I halved this because we also ordered a steak to share. Make My Day is an American style burger with 100% beef patty which was super juicy.

Make My Day Burger PhP 185.00

Their patty, though not as thick as the ones you encounter in burger chains, is very heavy and juicy. Their potato chips are also interesting–thinly sliced, but just a bit crispy; they don’t fall apart when you bite them.

Next was Cara de Cierdo or “Pork Face” which is essentially like sisig with mayonnaise and topped with poached egg. It’s very crunchy and tasty, but not good if you have problems with high blood pressure. It would go best with ice cold beer, though.

Cara de Cierdo for PhP 185.00

Here’s the list of food we ordered that were eaten before they even had a photoshoot:

  • Peppered Steak (PhP 285.00) – two big slabs of steak that were peppered just the right amount
  • Grilled Blue Marlin (Php 200.00) – big slab of blue marlin with special Thai style sauce.


Sorry for the few photos–but I hope they were enough to tease you and tempt you to drop by Dirty Harry’s for a visit. You won’t regret it.

Dirty Harry’s is open from Tuesdays to Sundays (3:00 PM to 12:00 MN).


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