Quality products for pets: Hyperflite Jawz disc and PupCup [Review]

It’s been so long since I wrote a pet-related post. We’ve been planning on this article for quite some time but I have just been so busy to compose it. So before I start, here’s a photo of the two furballs.

IMG_1956 copy.jpg

Anyway, I’ll just be discussing two major products–a disc and a water jug. To be more specific, it’s the Hyperflite Jawz Disc and the PupCup. As a bonus, I’ll also give some feedback on the Kong Classic Flyer.

Hyperflite Jawz Disc

IMG_1992 copy

Ever since we got Mushu, we’ve been set on channeling his energy via flying discs. The thing is, we read that discs used by humans are too hard for dogs. So we made up our minds to look for discs made just for dogs.

In the meantime, we bought almost every disc (that wasn’t plastic) that we could find in random pet stores. As the months went by, Mushu became better and better, but we still couldn’t find the perfect disc. He would destroy cheap ones in one to two sessions!

Thanks to “research” (which is Googling, basically), we read about the Jawz brand which is usually used in actual competitions. Reviews were good, with some even stating that the disc could last 5 years with their border collies.

The only problem was we couldn’t find one here in the Philippines. So when an opportunity came for me to travel to the US, the first thing we decided to buy was a Hyperflite Disc. We ordered via Amazon and I have to say this–I WISH THE PHILIPPINES HAD AMAZON TOO.

So how was it?

The LOOK. The design is very simple, with all the discs looking pretty much the same, just varying in color. We got a red one, because ever since we got Snoopy, we became involved in red-colored pet gear. It is 8.75″ in diameter, with no sharp sides.

The FEEL. Once you hold it in your hand, you will understand why it is considered probably one of the best discs for dogs. It’s lightweight but not soft. Its texture is different–not plastic, not rubber, but something in between. It’s tough, but not hard. Oh yeah, and don’t take advantage of the fact that it’s durable and puncture-resistant–don’t let your doggos play with it unsupervised. Never underestimate those canine teeth!

The PERFORMANCE. If you’re used to throwing discs around, this will be a real treat for you. It speeds up but it doesn’t become floppy. Although it is light, it doesn’t get carried by the wind unless of course the wind is too strong.

Watch the disc and Mushu in action in this compilation video of some of his jumps and catches from last year.

The PupCup Kit

IMG_2020 copy

We used to bring a bowl and a bottle of water whenever we walked the dogs. Then we started bring the water jug which you can turn over and squeeze, and the water for the doggo comes flowing out from something like a tray.

As our walks became longer, and as we incorporated more activities such as flying discs and fetch into our routine, the water we brought with us was no longer enough. Good thing Mark finally saw this PupCup online.

IMG_2010 copy

They call the PupCup the “dog bowl that lives on your water bottle” and very rightfully so. The PupCup alone costs  $8.95. It is made of FDA approved food-grade material and wraps snugly around water bottles or water jugs.

Now a PupCup Kit is the real deal. For $18.95, you get a 32oz Wide Mouth Nalgene water bottle (smoke gray in color) with the PupCup on its bottom. We ordered one and had it shipped to where we stayed in LA. It comes in 12 colors, and of course we chose red.

It’s really great and convenient. The fact that we can drink water while the boys are also drinking is awesome. Plus, they say that the PupCup Kit is “guaranteed forever.”


Snoopy and Mushu highly recommend these two innovative products for all pet parents out there. They may cost more than other discs or water bottles, but they reek of superior quality.

BONUS REVIEW: The Kong Classic Flyer

IMG_1964 copy
Because one disc isn’t enough.

Yet another Kong product, it reeks of durability and can withstand even the most notorious chewers. Kong products are must-haves, and we love them! In fact, Snoopy and Mushu each have a Kong Classic where we put treats and Kong Easy Treat (Peanut butter flavor) whenever we leave them.

So the Kong Classic Flyer is a soft rubber disc–very different from the Hyperflite. It’s a bit floppy since it’s made of rubber, but it moves through the air pretty nicely too (if you know how to throw, which I don’t but Mark does). What we like about the Kong flyer is that it’s soft, so you have assurance that your doggos won’t hurt their teeth or gums.

Compared to the Hyperflite, it’s a bit on the heavy side when you’re about to throw it. But I guess I just lack practice. On regular days, Mushu usually uses both the Hyperflite and the Kong.

IMG_2013 copy

So, that’s it! These are some of the products that we really support. I hope we’ve somehow helped you in some way. Woof! ■


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